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Customs Agent

Galina Narkevits

PDL holds customs agent’s licence and offers customs clearance in Estonia and other countries of the European Union. Our customs applicants draw up the following documents:

  • CMR;
  • TIR;
  • cargo customs declarations for export outside the European Union;
  • release into free circulation on the territory of Estonia and the European Union;
  • transit declarations.


We can take goods to our own customs terminal and customs warehouse, that are located in Narva, Estonia. Optional services:

  • cargo ownership change in the customs warehouse;
  • storage and consolidation of different clients’ cargos before sending them to the final destination.



VSA0049/EE1000EE 09.07.2015

YT/0159/EE1000EE 25.03.2013

CT/0178/EE1000EE 25.03.2013

MT/0248/EE1000EE 20.03.2013

TA/0193/EE1000EE 19.03.2013

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